Reverse Word Ladders

Letter substitution and word creation are two skills that students will find invaluable along their English learning journey. As students make new words based upon changing letters that represent a sound / digraph, the letter sound associations are strengthened through practice. It can also be a valuable way for students to learn new words and increase their vocabulary.

For example as students make the word ‘flan’ from ‘flap’ they not only reinforce the letter sound associations for ‘f’, ‘l’ and ‘a’ but they may then add words such as flan to their vocabulary.

These reverse word ladders are a little bit different from the usual style of ladders. Usually students start at the bottom of a ladder and climb upwards with their words- these ladders start at the top and work downwards. When we read a book, we read from the top to the bottom, so asking a student to work from the bottom to the top actually confuses them.


This packet includes 4 pages (with 2 on each page so 8 in total) of CVC, CVCC, CVVC, CCVC and CCVCC words. Plus the answers of course! Click on the image below to get your packet.


✏️❤️ Katie