Parsing?? What’s that??

Understanding grammar and how to use grammar effectively is the foundation of the English language.

Parsing is an important skill for students to be able to do to understand the construction of sentences. This knowledge and understanding then helps for the successful construction of independent writing.

I have found that parsing is one of the trickiest concepts for my class to understand as they become a bit overwhelmed all at once (especially in the beginning!)

To combat this I created a resource that beaks it down into small bite sized chunks for practising.

This pack is designed as an independent station / centre. Sentence strips are printed, laminated for durability, cut and ringed.

Each card has a sentence which includes a noun, verb and adjective. Students need to read and parse the sentence, identifying the parts of grammar.

Two differentiated recording sheets are included:
1-10 and 11-20 (to allow more recording space)
20 sentences

An answer sheet is included. This can be used for teacher marking; or to increase student independence, provide this card after the task has been completed for students to mark their own or a partners.

Happy parsing!

✏️❤️ Katie