Dice, Dominoes, Unifix and Cards – Oh My!

There’s nothing better than getting out the manipulatives – Go through your classroom cupboards and grab hands-on equipment like cards, dice, and dominoes!

Using these types of manipulatives in math class can work wonders for students who struggle with traditional teaching methods. Seeing numbers and operations in action makes math come alive, and it’s way more fun than just staring at a whiteboard. Plus, it encourages collaboration and communication skills, allowing students to work together and learn from one another.

One of the best things about using hands-on equipment is that it caters to a variety of learning styles. Visual learners can see the numbers and operations, while kinesthetic learners can physically manipulate the equipment. And if some students need additional support, teachers can use different manipulatives to differentiate instruction, making math accessible to all learners.

By using hands-on equipment in math class, teachers can create a more relaxed and enjoyable learning environment that encourages active engagement with the content. It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety around math, promoting a positive attitude towards the subject. Plus, students are more likely to participate and have fun while learning, leading to a deeper level of understanding and greater interest in the subject.

So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your math lessons, consider incorporating hands-on equipment like cards, dice, and dominoes. Your students will thank you, and you might just have a blast too!


Happy teaching!

✏️❤️ Katie


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