Cricut In The Classroom

For Christmas of 2017 my lovely parents-in-law generously gave me a Cricut machine. My mother-in-law also bought one for herself at the same time and as we both unleashed our inner creativity, it was something we really bonded over.  It took me a good 12 months to really become comfortable and start making lots of things. Now I can’t stop!

I really love using it for my classroom. It makes everything so much easier, quicker and neater. I thought I might throw out a few ideas and see if I can inspire you to get creative too.


First things first – my day starts with a hot cup of tea.


Before entering the classroom – a challenge at the door!


An inspirational quote at the classroom door (all letters individually cut out).


Notebook covers with personalised monograms.


Labeling my Ikea furniture


Ensuring your school supplies stay where you need them to.


A cute trolley to help keep all my loose paperwork organised! I also use it for my guided reading groups with the week’s texts in the top tray, mini whiteboards in the middle tray and boxes of magnetic letters in the lower tray for my low group.


A back to school first-day gift – personalised bookmarks.


A birthday chart – The print and cut feature was used for the header images and reverse weeding was used for the title and months. Photos of the students holding up the numbered date of their birthday will be posted underneath each month.


Recording the date on the board each day becomes easy with a template.


A display that lights up when the student Star of the Day is ready to do their jobs (ie take the roll, organise lunch orders etc) This is used as a visual indicator to other students that they need to come to the floor to start the morning admin. Saves me using my voice! (Star light purchased at Kmart)


A special seat for the Star of the Day to use.


Helping students to understand noise expectations.
Adhesive vinyl stuck onto tap lights.


Assisting with yard clean up – labelled buckets and tongs with adhesive vinyl.


Finally, the Principal asked me to ‘freshen up’ the female staff bathrooms. This was the end result: The main wall display and two toilet doors.



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I’d love to hear your ideas of how you use your Cricut / Silhouette machine to help your teaching or to decorate the classroom!

✏️❤️ Katie