Times Tables Rote Learning? No Way!

When I was at school (think late 1980’s – scrunchies, colour change t-shirts and fluoro) we had to learning our times tables the rote way. Might I add it was SO BORING! The teacher would get us to stand up, he’d call out a number and we had to quickly multiply it by the chosen multiple. It was fine if you had the answers memorised, but embarrassing for those that didn’t (plus the teacher would give you THIS look).

Let’s switch that scenario out – Imagine a classroom buzzing with excitement as students eagerly tackle multiplication problems, their minds sharp and engaged. Gone are the days of mundane multiplication drills. Instead, enter a world where these essential math skills are supercharged with fun and interactive resources, transforming learning into an adventure.

In order to make learning multiplication a truly enjoyable and captivating experience for your students, incorporating a variety of engaging activities is key. This range of interactive activities will not only enhance your students’ multiplication skills but also make learning a whole lot more fun.

Make dull, repetitive and rote multiplication lessons a thing of the past. With this fun NO PREP resource, you can transform the way your students approach multiplication and watch as their skills are supercharged. By making learning an engaging experience, you’ll not only foster a love for math but also boost their confidence in tackling complex problems. So why settle for traditional methods when you can bring excitement and engagement to your lessons?

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Happy teaching!

✏️❤️ Katie


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