Wait – What? Platypus glow in the dark???

One of the things I feel blessed about being an Aussie (there are MANY things) is the chance to be around a lot of different animals, from ones that are cute and cuddly to ones that are really tough. Every time you take a walk in the bush or go swimming at the beach, it’s like meeting the coolest celebrities in nature.Our animals are special, and each one has its own interesting story. The kangaroo isn’t just good at hopping; it’s also really good at living in the tough Australian outback. Koalas aren’t just adorable; they’re experts at living in trees, like they’re the kings of the eucalyptus forests. And then there’s the platypus, which is like a puzzle because it’s a mammal that lays eggs and has a bill like a duck. And did you know it’s bioluminescent! That’s breaking all the rules! Now, the kookaburra is like our own stand-up comedian with a laugh that’s really hard to forget. And we can’t forget about the saltwater crocodile, a living dinosaur that still rules over our water.

To learn about such incredible creatures is eye opening for students all around the world.


Happy teaching!

✏️❤️ Katie



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