I’m allergic to bad manners

I was completely blown away when I first saw one of my students at the beginning of the year holding a telephone handset in front of them and talking into it like a mobile on speaker phone. Then I realized….. In an age of cordless phones and mobiles, many of my 7 year old students may not actually have a corded phone in their home!

So I did a quick class survey. Unbelievably, most students had never used a corded phone before! Straight away I knew I had to add this into our beginning of the year procedures.

I’m huge on using good manners. One of my favourite and frequently used sayings is ‘good manners cost nothing, but mean everything’. (I might also tell my students I’m allergic to bad manners hahaha)

Therefore I created some posters that I had stuck up on the wall next to the classroom telephone. We also role played how to answer the phone by using the poster and having students answer in a mock call situation. It didn’t take long for them to get the hang of it and now when we receive classroom calls, my students are always told by the callers that they have beautiful manners! It makes the caller and themselves smile.

If you’d like a copy of the free editable posters, just click the picture below.

✏️❤️ Katie

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