Unusual Parent Requests….

Why marbles? Because some days I feel like I’m losing mine…. Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll understand!

I pride myself on being a teacher who will bend over backwards for her students. I care deeply about each and every one of them and often call my students ‘my kids’. My 7 year old daughter has now also started calling my class ‘mummy’s kids’ because even she knows how much their welfare, education and safety means to me.

However, it has often occurred to me that sometimes, giving 110% just isn’t enough for some parents. All I can do is giggle about some of the requests I have received in the past from parents. It truly does validate for me that educators are teaching much more than the prescribed curriculum these days. These are just a few of my more recent unusual requests….

On a Wednesday morning: “This Friday is my son’s last day. We are moving tomorrow and so he’s starting at a new school. Can you throw him a party?”

On the last day of school for the term: “Can you test my son’s reading level today? I think he’s higher than your assessment from last week and I’d like him retested before the holidays”. I explained to the mum (as I had multiple times previously) that while her son read beautifully, he needed to continue working on his comprehension and was already exceeding benchmarks.

On an extremely cold and rainy, winter’s day: ‘Can you please speak to my child about what appropriate clothes they should wear? I’m not sure if shorts and sandals are appropriate…..’

I’d love to hear what interesting parent requests / comments you have received during your teaching career.


✏️❤️ Katie

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