Hands on STEM – Addition with Unifix Cubes

I have quite a few younger year one students who really struggle with basic addition. They also often confuse the concept of addition with subtraction. For them, using hands on manipulatives rather than fingers is an absolute MUST!

This is a hands on STEM activity I created to help those students really visualise adding single digit numbers up to ten, record their thinking with colouring in and then writing the corresponding number sum.

By also providing two different recording sheets (the first is for task cards 1 to 6, the second is for cards task 7 to 12), I am able to differentiate for those students who can do more by providing both recording sheets and the full set of task cards and also those students who need to focus on smaller tasks, by providing only the first 6 task cards and the first recording sheet.

If you’d like a copy of the free hands on STEM activity, just click on the picture below. I hope you find this useful!


✏️❤️ Katie


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