First Day of School Student Gifts

I love going back to school at the beginning of each year. Meeting my new class, modifying my teaching to incorporate the new learning that I’ve done over the holidays and getting back into the swing of the classroom routine.

I always like to present my students with a small (emphasis on SMALL) token gift at home time on the first day back. Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve had many teacher friends ask why I would spend my own money out of pocket to do this when I don’t have to and it’s not expected. I do it because I want to and that’s the sort of person I am. Yep – no other reason that and realistically – do I need any other reason or need to justify the way I spend my own hard earned money? If I can bring a little smile to a student on the first day and encourage learning then I’m going to do it!

So…. here’s what I do!

I love to put together a little bag with various things inside. The bag is sealed but has a cover note on the front with a little poem that I made up to explain each item. Each item represents something whether it’s an attitude, a feeling or the knowledge that I’m there to support them. The bags are simple gift bags I purchased form the party section of Kmart.

Each gift is inexpensive and my students LOVE them! I know the parents appreciate the thoughtfulness of giving out a welcome gift each year too.

Cost breakdown for my 24 students – Each student’s pack contains the following:

A) The actual bag (pack of 8 for $2) – Total $6

B) Super bouncy balls (pack of 12 for $2) – Total $4

C) Sheet of stickers (2 different packs $1.50 each) Total $3

D) Pencils with fancy erasers (2 packs of 12 $4 each) Total $8

E) Glitter glue (pack of 8 for $3) Total $9

Grand total spent – $30

Cost per child – $1.25

I could have removed the glitter glue from the packs which would then have reduced the amount spent to only 88c per student (I however love the idea of having a ‘sparkly’ year LOL).

If you would like a copy of the copy note and the instructions, simply download it here for free.


Happy New School Year!

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