TTFT – Create a random picker jar

Tuesday Tip for Teachers: It’s very easy to constantly call upon the same students each time to answers questions (you know the students I mean – the ones with their hands always up ready to volunteer an answer?) Put a new twist on it and make yourself a random popstick tin / jar. Simply write the name of each student on a popstick and then paint the ends with a cheap nail polish. I place the popsticks into a tin with the colour end upwards, then when a student has been called upon I flip it over to hide the colour. This works amazingly well for choosing students to work together, selecting someone to answer a question or even choosing a group of students to participate in a certain activity first. Students understand that this is a fair system and over the years I have discovered that they genuinely do appreciate it being used.



5 thoughts on “TTFT – Create a random picker jar

  1. I use a similar technique in my classroom. As each period has a different class I just number the seats. Then I pull a number from a recycled coffee can. No need to have one can for each class and it can be used next year! A lot less prep work too! Finally if I let students pull numbers there is a lot less cries of cheating. To mix things up you can change the desk numbers each quarter.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I love this idea!
    As a student teacher, I am trying to collect as many helpful tips and tricks to use when I finally get into a classroom, and this one is definitely up there!
    Thank you for sharing.

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