Wow! Welcome to the new look Imaginative Teacher!!!!

The original site began all the way back in 2002 when some of my colleagues approached me asking for copies of ideas and resources I had made for my own students. Having only graduated from university two years prior and having spent those years working full time across multiple grades, I was happy to share. After all, great educators do indeed share pedagogy and ideas!

After much contemplation and many frustrating hours teaching myself how to set up a site, I began the original site www.imaginativeteacher.com. Holy moly! What a learning curve that was! So as of today, we have now evolved! Today I change direction – 13 years on one path is long enough. So my original venture is growing, evolving and maturing; just like I have in my last 15 years on my teaching adventure.

Please do come on the journey with me as I look forward to sharing my new blog with you!

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